About us

Born and raised in Faro, the capital of the Algarve, we are an independent group of local people, keen history enthusiasts and the biggest fans of our city! On top of that, we enjoy sharing an informative walking tour with our foreign visitors.

People from this region are said to be friendly and helpful. We see ourselves as welcoming people and we are used to show our visitors this beautiful region in the South of Portugal.

Being the main city in the Algarve, such a popular destination for decades now, one could think that its capital city has been greatly affected by tourism. But the reality is that the city has been mainly an arrival point for people on their way to other parts of the region, due to Faro International Airport.

Only in the last few years has Faro caught people’s attention and also became a destination in itself. We think its really worth a visit as it preserves its original character, and we also consider that it should be seen as a truly monumental city. It would be a pity if most of our visitors left without having seen it in a proper way, so we decided to create this initiative and started offering the possibility of doing a Faro city tour with us.

Our motto is to ‘teach by entertaining’ and at the end of the tour you will understand why. The idea is to get to know the olt town and city centre, some of its history and little stories, plus a bit of the ‘farense’ (someone who comes from Faro) way of living… in short Local knowledge & fun!

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