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‘Walking tours are always an amazing way to get to know a new town or city, and your tour was no exception. From the moment our small group met to the end of the tour nearly 2 hours later, we were kept entertained, informed and amused. Many visitors to Faro would be unaware of it’s nearly 3,000 years of history, but our guide was able to put this all in context. We heard many of the myths and legends of the city, got to see the few remaining ancient buildings, and were given useful advice on places to visit during the rest of our trips. Faro is very compact, and I would recommend this tour to anyone wanting to get a real feel for this amazing jewel in the Algarve.

Toby Moncaster from Berlin (Walked with Rita, February 2019)’


‘A great way to see Faro. It is rich in history. Forget the guide books walk with a local, the  passion for their history and culture is so much more interesting. Culinary secrets are also shared, always the sign of a good walk. The architecture too added to our tour…..more than a walk, an adventure to be shared. Would recommend to anyone who has an interest in the area they are visiting.

Thank you
From Catherine & Paul Bedford (Walked with Marcelo, 3rd April 2018)’


‘Thank you so much again for letting us see Faro through your eyes. With your help we were able to discover beautiful details in architecture, funny facts about the city’s history and got some good advice about several culinary delights that Faro and Portugal have to offer. The average tourist would probably never even take notice of all that. The rest of our road trip through Portugal was wonderful, nevertheless our day in Faro was an absolute highlight!

Lisa and Kaya from Munich (Walked with Rita and Marcelo)’


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