Why do you do free walking tours? Because we like to show our hometown to visitors and we believe that a Faro tour with us is the best way to get to know the city. There are no up-front costs, we consider that a free contribution is the most honest way to evaluate this activity, so at the end of the tour you are free to decide the real value of the experience and how much is our work worth.

Who will be my guide? Definitely someone born and raised in Faro, who loves the city and likes to share with you the best of its history, culture and day-to-day life. We are an independent group of local guides. Your contribution is the only source of income for us.

Are there tours any day of the week? That’s right! Just show up at the meeting point at the right time. Should you have any further questions, please do get in touch by using our Contact details

Does the tour run even if its raining? Yes it does, in that case please bring suitable clothing and rain gear. In case of really stormy weather please check our page and social networks for more info on that day’s tours.

Do I need to do a booking for a tour? No you don’t. But please read below in case you’re with a group.

I am with a group, do we need a reservation? Yes, groups of 4 or more people should contact us in advance. This is to make sure that each tour runs smoothly and that the quality of the tour is not compromised with an oversized group. Please also note that we reserve the right to deny participation of any groups or individuals in case of inappropriate behaviour or when joining in without our consent.

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